Just What Lebanon Needs Right Now: Peace Activists

These people may be complete idiots, but you have to give them credit for having the courage of their convictions:

“International and local activists are planning on Saturday to bring a civilian convoy to southern Lebanon, worst hit by Israel’s 28-day-old war on Hizbollah, to deliver aid and show solidarity with suffering residents.

…One idea they are considering is to bring large numbers of people, rather than a few activists, to the Hizbollah strongholds of south Lebanon or south Beirut to try to protect them or draw attention to the plight of civilians there.

So far, activists who have shown up in Lebanon from the United States and Europe are part of an exploratory group, but Shapiro believes they can attract hundreds more, including from Arab states, once they come up with a strategy.

“In the United States people were already contacting us, Lebanese and internationals interested in coming to Lebanon to see how we could help,” Shapiro said.”

So, they’re going to be driving a convoy right into the middle of a hot war zone that features Israel fighting against blood thirsty, non-uniformed terrorists, in order to deliver aid and act as human shields? Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Let me be the first to say that I hope these people don’t get killed. Even though, at best, they’re very foolish and at worst, they’re terrorist sympathizers, as long as they don’t pick up guns or get caught directly giving supplies to terrorists, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, it also needs to be said that they’ve knowingly decided to take an incredibly dangerous course of action that will primarily be of benefit to terrorists with American blood on their hands. These people know what Hezbollah is all about and they know that the Hezbos have been known to use people like them as human shields. They also know that the Israelis are telling everyone to leave and then striking targets whether they hang around or not.

Since that’s the case, if these peace activists don’t make it out of Lebanon alive, in my book, they have no one to blame but themselves.

PS: Here’s a question: why don’t they head to Israel to act as human shields? Hezbollah is firing hundreds of rockets at the civilian population there. Couldn’t they use some human shields and supplies? Could it be because Hezbollah doesn’t care whether they kill peace activists or not? It could indeed.

PS #2: It could also be because they’re anti-semites who want to help the terrorists kill Jews, but don’t have the heart to pick up a gun. Whatever their motivations are, they’re helping the terrorists murder more innocent Israelis and don’t deserve much sympathy if they meet an unfortunate fate.

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