The Democratic Underground: Terror Threat? What Terror Threat?

If you want to get an idea of how useless the left has become at fighting terrorism, a trip to the Democratic Underground Forums today would be very instructive.

Here we have a massive terrorist plot uncovered in Britain that may have been, “meant as next 9/11.” The terrorists were planning to take down multiple planes headed in to the US, the Brits have arrested 20 people, hundreds of flights have been cancelled, they’ve banned taking liquids onto planes in the US, and the threat level has been raised to red.

Meanwhile, here are just some of the thread titles at the Democratic Underground General Forums:

Why blow up planes over the oceans? Somethings fishy
Cold War vs. Al Qaeda/Terror hoaxes now?
I call Bullsh*t on this foiled terror plot, who is with me?
We are a country held hostage by fear
Should I mobilize the National Guard for my hiker shuttle today?
so one day after the Lamont win theres a foiled terror plot
I. Am. Hypnotized. ooooo pretty colors on Terror Alert bar
“President” on way to fundraiser, will address the latest terror hoax
The timing of the terrorist bust is almost obvious.
Lieberman loses, CODE RED, CODE RED, CODE RED
The terrorists won the war on terror even before it started.

Meanwhile, here are the results of a terror threat poll in one of the threads:

Do you see the terrorist threat from the perspective of the Democrats’ now?

In their world, there is no serious threat so we don’t need the Patriot Act, we don’t need Gitmo, we have no reason to be in Iraq. In fact, they’re so nonplussed by the idea of terrorism that they’re more worried about how we’re treating the terrorists we capture than protecting this country from more attacks.

If you try to tell them there is a threat, they just block you out. It’s not serious, it’s a political ploy, it’s all a big joke.

But, if there actually is another big attack, we all know that those very same people who are working non-stop to undercut the fight will rise as one and blame Bush and the Republican Party, not the terrorists or even themselves, for the death and destruction.

So, we have one party that believes in defending American and another party full of people so blinded by ideology that they can’t react, or even fully acknowledge, a threat when it’s staring them right in the face. It’s sad really.

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