Daily News For August 19, 2005


Iraq: 4 U.S. Soldiers Killed By Roadside Bomb

Al-Qaida Leader In Saudi Arabia Killed

Funding of Palestinian Propaganda By U.N. ‘Unacceptable,’ Bolton Says

Clinton Envoy Urged Osama’s Expulsion From Afghanistan Before 9/11


Cindy Sheehan Leaves To Take Care Of Sick Mom: “I’ll Be Back As Soon As Possible If It’s Possible,” (Hope Her Mom Feels Better Soon)

Backlash! War Moms Attack Cindy Sheehan. Parents Of American Fighters In Iraq Say Protester Doesn’t Speak For Them

ACLU Defending Woman Accused Of Using Cocaine While Pregnant

Climate Change Sceptics Bet $10,000 On Cooler World Over The Next Decade

McCain Teams Up With Hillary On Global Warming


Break Point: A Constitutional Right To Incest?

Mark Steyn: Hold Your Tears For Cindy Sheehan (Free Spectator Req)

Rush Sets Record Straight On Sheehan’s “Absolute Moral Authority

Christian Sandstrom: Iraq Is Improving

National Review: Pullout Potential In Gaza

Byron York: Protesters Oppose The War In Iraq. But They Opposed War In Afghanistan, Too

Tony Blankley: Munich And Iraq


Hiring Online Detectives To Look Into Online Adultery In Role Playing Games?

A Bengal Tiger Has Attacked And Killed A Teenage Girl At A Mound Valley, Kansas, Animal Sanctuary

Man Claims Abuse In Suit Over Jailing Due To Signs

Dancing Hillary

Website Of The Day: Scott’s Conservative News & Commentary

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