The Anti-War Crowd May Be Experiencing Their Best Days Now By Lorie Byrd & John Hawkins

(From Lorie Byrd) Those in the anti-war, anti-Bush crowd may want to celebrate the President’s low public opinion numbers on Iraq while they can.

Those like Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan, aided by those in the media who do not support success in Iraq, have painted such a picture of doom and gloom and utter failure that even a small identifiable success there may be seen as big news and even, perhaps, as a turning point. Of course for that to happen, news of any successes in Iraq has to break through the media filter.

If an acceptable Iraqi constitution can be agreed upon after the present delay, that may be seen as bigger news than it ordinarily would have absent the doom and gloom background. But, again, it would have to break the media filter and a constitution does not provide the sensational pictures that the grieving mother of a dead American soldier does. There is something coming up though, that might.

I am very curious to see how coverage of the upcoming trial of Saddam Hussein is handled and its effect on public opinion of the mission in Iraq. If the media here gives significant coverage to the trial, and the public is reminded of the atrocities of Saddam and, frankly, his looniness, they may recall why President Bush decided to take the word of the CIA, the U.N., and the intelligence services of almost every country in the world about WMD over the word of a madman.

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(From John Hawkins) Lorie is absolutely right. Not only do we have the MSM presenting an almost uniformly negative view of what’s happening in Iraq, we have liberals trying to undercut the war here at home because they believe they’ll benefit politically if we fail in Iraq. Add to that the fact that this is not a typical war, we’re not taking territory, there’s no army for us to destroy, etc., etc., and it’s hard for the American people to gauge our success in Iraq.

So, that’s why big events and trends are particularly important in shaping public opinion. The Iraqi Constitution, the referendum on the Constitution in October, the elections in December, significant drop-offs in casualties, our troops coming home, the capture of Zarqawi, and the trial of Saddam — all have the potential to significantly boost support for the war….and they will.

Just look back through history and you’ll find that this is not a country full of people who believe in cutting and running, quitting, or giving up.

Think back to 1972, when conventional wisdom says the American people were sick of Vietnam. The Democrats ran an ultra-liberal, peace at any cost veteran, George McGovern, against Nixon who talked about “Peace with honor” and his “Secret plan to win the war.” Guess what happened? Of course, Tricky Dick squashed McGovern like a bug.

Only the enormous beating that the Republicans took after Watergate enabled the Democrats to deny South Vietnam promised air support and supplies, which in the end was what delivered the country into the hands of the North Vietnamese…and the Democrats aren’t proud of that or the other rotten things they did during that war. To this day, Democrats are ashamed of the filthy hippies, hostility to the troops, and foreign policy weakness that became the calling cards of liberalism during the Vietnam era.

So let ’em trot out Cindy Sheehan. Let Howard Dean talk about how great the Iraqis had it under Saddam Hussein. Let the liberals call for the US to unconditionally surrender to the terrorists by running from Iraq with our tails between our legs. All the Democrats are doing right now is cementing the idea in the American public’s mind that they’re too weak and vacillating to be trusted to defend America. That might be a great strategy for a political party in France, but it will not play well in America over the long-haul.

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