Daily News For August 4, 2005


14 Marines, Interpreter Killed in Iraq

Palestinian Rockets Kill 3-Year-Old Boy

President Makes It Clear: Phrase Is ‘War on Terror’ (Free NYT Reg Req)

US Was Kept In The Dark As Secret Nuclear Deal Was Struck That Led To Israel Nukes

Multicultural Britain Is Not Working, Says Tory Chief


Unprecedented Shuttle Repair A Success

Katherine Harris Claims Newspapers `Colorized’ Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup

States Move To Protect Property In The Aftermath Of The Kelo Ruling

Poll: Mccain, Giuliani Would Both Beat Hillary. Hillary 53% Favorable Rating, 43% Unfavorable.

Sharpton: Dems Take Blacks For Granted


Mark Krikorian: Mexican Immigration Isn’t Going Away On Its Own

Byron York: America Coming Together Comes Apart

James Lileks: Live From New York — It’s Ambassador John Bolton

Patrick Hynes: Framing, Shmaming: New Phenomenon Is Just The Same Old Double Talk

John Stossel: PBS, Pay Your Own Way

Kathleen Parker: The Amorphous World Of Hillary Clinton

Dominic Ippolito: My Life As A Drug Dealer

Glenn Reynolds: Is Small The New Big


S Korea Unveils First Dog Clone

Claim: Chappelle’s Show Is ‘Done,’ Murphy Says

Website Of The Day: Welcome to the Bucket Of Dudes

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