How Far The Democrats Have Fallen By Jayson

290 U.S. House seats.

Now down to 202.

60+ U.S. Senate seats.

Now down to 44 + Jeffords.

30+ state governorships.

Now down to 22…

A 21-8 advantage in state legislatures.

Now down to 19-21, the other way around.

They rammed Medi-care through the Congress.
And Medi-caid.

They nearly succeeded in abolishing the death penalty – nationwide!

They saddled us with probation, suspended sentences, and early paroles for violent criminals.

And furlough programs too.

And pension welfare.

Gun restrictions.

Moratoriums on oil refineries, offshore drilling, and nuclear power.

They once controlled every purse string of the federal and the state governments.

And now?

They’ve been reduced to (celebrating a) “narrow U.S. House loss in Ohio“.

Sometimes the self-parodies literally tell themselves.

And just imagine what the political landscape in this country would look like if conservatives stopped defeating their own causes?!


In any event, it’s not your father’s Democrat Party anymore.

And, believe you me, things will get substantially *worse* for them as time marches on.

This content was used with the permission of Polipundit.

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