Daily News For August 4, 2006


Ahmadinejad’s Mideast Solution: Destroy Israel

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei: ‘America Can Expect A Resounding Slap And A Devastating Fist-Blow From The Muslim Nation’

Hezbollah Kills 11 In Deadliest Day For Israel

EU Enlists Syrian Help With Lebanon Crisis (How Pathetic)

IDF: “We Are Continuing With Our Message That We Are Not Interested In Fighting With Syria. But We Are Fully Prepared For A Syrian Attack, In The Case Of Which We Will Strike Back Extremely Hard.” (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Iraqi Shiites Chant ‘Death To Israel’ (We Should Have Killed Al-Sadr A Long Time Ago. It’s Still Not Too Late)

The Top U.S. Military Commander In The Middle East Told Congress On Thursday That “Iraq Could Move Toward Civil War” If The Raging Sectarian Violence In Baghdad Is Not Stopped


Senate Rejects Estate, Minimum Wage Bill

Senate Votes To Fund The Fence

Air America Has To Move To Weaker Station In New York Because Of Cash Flow Problems


Court Says DeLay Stays On Tex. Ballot

Poll Has Lamont Ahead 54-41 Going Into Tuesday’s Primary With Joe Lieberman

Lieberman Assails Lamont Over Supporter’s Blog Post (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Blackface Diaries: Lamont And The Nutroots — Lamont: ‘I Don’t Know Anything About The Blogs, I’m Not Responsible For Those, I Have No Comment On ‘Em.’

A Two-Front War For Murtha. He’s Under Attack By Those Livid About His Iraq Criticism

Bob Corker Wins The TN. Republican Primary


Lee Smith: Hezbollah Is Losing Friends And Influence At Home

Donald J. Myers: Peace Comes When Hezbollah Is Destroyed

David White: Juan Cole and Yale – The Inside Story

Sean Higgins: Miyagi Does Politics. A Nevada Republican Porn Star Is Running For Governor

Rich Lowry: The Left’s Strange Love Affair With Uncle Fidel


Uproar At BBC Satire Featuring Westminster 9/11 Attack

The Vatican On Madonna: “This Concert Is A Blashphemous Challenge To The Faith And A Profanation Of The Cross. She Should Be Excommunicated.”

FishbowlDC’s 2006 Hottest Media Types: The Voting

Website Of The Day: Granite Grok

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