Daily News For December 14, 2006


Sen. Tim Johnson Of South Dakota Underwent Surgery On Wednesday, A Source Said, After Suffering What A Doctor Called “Symptoms Of A Stroke.” (Sorry To Hear That. I Hope He Gets Well Soon.)

Incoming Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy Said Yesterday That He Plans To Rein In President Bush’s Program Of Wiretapping Without Warrants, Rewrite The Policy For Handling Terrorism Detainees And More Closely Scrutinize Nominees To The Federal Courts

Bush To Seek $100 Bln More War Funds: House Report

Raids In 6 States May Be Largest Ever

Lacrosse Players Tout DNA Tests

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Bush 28% Approval

Swift Boat Vets, MoveOn.org Fined by FEC

The ACLU Refuses To Turn Over Secret Government Document It Acquired

Tancredo Cancels Miami Trip, Speaks On ‘Need For Assimilation’


Ignoring Bush Policy, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson Meets Syrian President

Al Fayed Calls Diana Accident Report “Outrageous”

Somalia: Pray or Die, Town Tells Residents (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Victor Davis Hanson: Talking To Iran A Mistake For Strategic, Moral Reasons


Jed Babbin: Intrusive Facts

Mark Steyn: It’s The Demography, Stupid

Ed Meese: Reagan Would Not Repeat The Amnesty Mistake

The WSJ: Kofi And U.N. ‘Ideals’ Rwanda, Dafur, Iraq And Oil For Food

Jonah Goldberg: Iraq Needs A Pinochet (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Bob Sullivan: Meatpacking Raids: A Victim’s Story


Deputy Finds Rats Eating Man’s Body

Video: Pauly Shore Gets Punched By A Heckler During His Comedy Act (Lots Of Bad Language)

Video: Chris Matthews Asks Edwards If His Wife “Bites [His] Balls”

Website Of The Day: Flopping Aces

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