Why The GOP Lost In 2006

Today, I’ve been invited to do a little guest blogging for Tom DeLay. The first post that I put up is called, “Why The GOP Lost In 2006.” Here’s a sample:

“How could it be that we had a Republican President, 55 Republican Senators, and a 15 seat lead in the House, yet we still had a massive deficit, a Republican led amnesty for illegal aliens push, and someone like Harriet Miers being nominated to the Supreme Court? Just when did the Republican Party become the sort of party that supported projects like the “Bridge to Nowhere,” and expensive big government programs like the Medicare Prescription drug plan? When did we stop being the party of Reagan and become the Party of compassionate conservatism? “Compassion” is all well and good, but in the real world, all it seems to mean is wasting a lot of taxpayer money and the President standing there and taking it when he’s called a liar who misled the American people into going to war by Democrats who voted for the war themselves because they believed that Saddam had an active WMD program.

Face it: the GOP lost in 2006 because they became complacent, arrogant, and decided that they were too good to, “dance with the conservatives that brung them,” into power in the first place. Moreover, let me add that the distance between the Republicans in Washington and the people who should be their biggest supporters has yet to be bridged by the sting of defeat. The base may not like the Democrats or be happy that they’re in power, but they’re still frustrated and angry with the GOP.”

You can read it all, here.

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