Daily News For December 2, 2005


Ariel Sharon: Israel Will Not Accept Iran Nuclear Weapons

The White House Called Irresponsible On Thursday Those Democrats Who Said That President George W. Bush Lacked A Strategy On Iraq

Troops Said To Oppose McCain Interrogation Restrictions

Suicide Bombings Fell In November To Their Lowest Level In Seven Months, The American Military Said

CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll: 6 In 10 Americans Don’t Want To Withdraw From Iraq. Only 35% Favor Setting A Timetable

Bulgaria And Ukraine Will Begin Withdrawing Their Combined 1,250 Troops From Iraq By Mid-December

South African Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Weddings

Girl Next Door Who Became A Suicide Bomber

Most U.S. Troops Will Leave Iraq Within A Year Because The Army Is “Broken, Worn Out” And “Living Hand To Mouth,” Rep. John Murtha Told A Civic Group (Idiot)


The Top Senate Democrat Investigating Jack Abramoff’s Indian Lobbying, Byron Dorgan, Met Several Times With The Lobbyist’s Team And Clients, Held A Fundraiser In Abramoff’s Arena Skybox And Arranged Congressional Help For One Of The Tribes

Bush Called for Jury Duty in Texas

FOX News Holiday Hypocrisy Corrected

Lowe’s Changes Holiday Trees To Christmas Trees

Mexicans Denounce U.S. Border Fence (If They’re Squawking, That’s Good)

New Orleans: 17th Street Canal Levee Was Doomed. Report Blames Corps: Soil Could Never Hold

Left Advocates The Rape Of Ann Coulter (VIDEO)

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


National Review: Battle, Joined On Iraq

Col. Jimmie Jaye Wells: We’re Building A Democracy From The Ground Up In Iraq

Fred Barnes: The Mainstream Media Still Has The Power

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Repeat McGovern Debacle


A False Wikipedia ‘Biography’

The MSM-Blogger Fantasy Draft: Rounds One and Two (RWN To The Boston Globe)

Canada: Man Found Not Guilty In Sex Assault Because He Was Asleep

Russian Squirrel Pack ‘Kills Dog’

The Airline Screening Playset: Hours of Fun!

Intruder Caught On Video Performing Lewd Act During Break-In

Website Of The Day: John Leo’s Blog

PS: The Ann Coulter rape thing sounds current and she didn’t mention a particular blog. But, as I’ve catalogued here on RWN, there are some liberals who have publicly fantasized about raping Ann Coulter before. So, it’s hardly a surprise that it’s happening again.

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