Q&A Friday: Is This The End Of The Bork Era?

Question: “Will we finally get the nuclear option triggered in the Senate because the donkeys have changed the rules of the game and dropped all pretenses that they always apply an abortion litmus test to judges will try to filibuster Alito?” — AlexinCT

Question: “Will the Alito nomination put a nail in the coffin of the Bork era of judicial nominations?” — Compiled

Alito looks likely to get enough votes to pass and the GOP likely has enough votes to shut down the nuclear option. As long as the GOP has the votes to use the nuclear option, the Democrats are unlikely to use it. That’s because they hope to add more Democratic Senators in 2006 which could put them in a stronger position if another spot on the SCOTUS opens up during the rest of Bush’s term.

In my view, once a mainstream conservative judge with a long track record, like Alito, gets shoved through it should herald the end of the Bork era for Republicans because it’ll prove we don’t have to nominate stealth nominees.

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That suits me just fine and it’s unfortunate that we had to wait so long and have a massive intra-party fight over Harriet Miers to get to this point.

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