Daily News For December 20, 2005


Bush Vows Domestic Surveillance To Continue

FBI Watched Activist Groups Suspected Of Being Tied To Terrorists Or That Had Links To Violent Or Disruptive Activities (Free Nyt Reg Req)

Lawmakers Don’t Rule Out Patriot Act Deal

Bush’s Approval Ratings Climb To 47%

New York City Transit Workers Strike

Clergy To Protest At White House. Will Ask Bush To Reverse Policy Limiting Chaplains’ Prayers

The Presidential Christmas Message


Two Handy Dandy Charts That Put Civilian And Military Losses In Iraq In Perspective

Mexico’s Vicente Fox: U.S. Border Wall Plan ‘Shameful’ (Shove It Vicente)

Mexican Official Says U.S. Plan For Border Wall ‘Stupid’ And ‘Underhanded’ (Dittos For This Clown)

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Mark Steyn: Racism Is Bad – So Is Self-Delusion

James Robbins: Unwarranted Outrage. The Times Blew Our Cover

John Cornyn: Targeting The Patriot Act

Thomas Sowell: Merry You-Know-What


Schwarzenegger To Hometown: Remove My Name (Applause)

Valerie Plame Poses For Time In Pajamas

Michelle Malkin’s Bloggers Of The Year

Let’s Play “Name That Psychological Defense” With The 3rd Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2005

Stalin’s Half-Man, Half-Ape Super-Warriors

Really Funny Video: Rapping About The Chronicles Of Narnia At Saturday Night Live

Website Of The Day: America Supports You

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