The New Comeback Kid!

That was then…

“There sure are a lot of excited Democrats out there who think they’ve got George Bush and the GOP right where they want them. They think they’re going to get the Senate back, they think they’re going to get the House back, they think it’s going to be their year in 2006.

But, they have one big problem: they peaked a year too early.

…Just watch the GOP poll numbers, folks, because they’re going to start going back up relatively soon and by the time everything is said and done, assuming the GOP keeps listening to the people, don’t be surprised if we add seats in the Senate and House in 2006.” — John Hawkins, November 13, 2005

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This is now, about 5 weeks later fron the latest ABC News/Washington Post…

“Overall, 47 percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll now approve of George W. Bush’s work in office; 52 percent disapprove. While hardly robust, that is up from a career low 39-60 percent in early November to its best in nearly six months.”

The “Big Mo” is on the “Big Dog’s” side and all I can say is that on the day W. goes north of a 50% approval rating in multiple polls again — and he will, probably in the next few months — make sure to wear earplugs or the howls of the despairing Democrats who thought they had him on the ropes at last will keep you up all night.

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