Daily News For December 21, 2005


Both Bill Clinton And Jimmy Carter Signed Executive Orders That Allowed Warrantless Searches

The National Security Agency Accidentally Intercepted Some Domestic To Domestic Calls (Free NYT Reg Req)

Sen. Pat Roberts Puzzled By Sen. John D. Rockefeller’s Concerns About The Bush Administration’s Warrantless Domestic Surveillance Program Since Rockefeller Privately Said He Supported The Program Many Times

Court Fines NYC Transit Strikers $1M A Day

GDP Grows 4% Om The 3rd Quarter

Pirro To End Race Vs. Hillary This Week

Does Governor Bill Richardson Have A Hand Problem?

1st Amendment ‘Doesn’t Create Church-State Wall Of Separation’. Court Whacks Civil-Liberties Group, Oks Ten Commandments Display


Mexico Promises To Block Border Wall Plan

Nerve-Gas Fears After 45 Fall Sick In Chechnya

Mayor Of Graz Begs Schwarzenegger Not To Cut Ties

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


John McIntyre: Jonathan Alter & The Ghost of Nixon

Max Boot: ‘Plame Platoon’ Is AWOL On New Leaks (free LAt Times Reg Req)

John Schmidt: President had legal authority to OK taps

La Shawn Barber: Do You Hate Black People?

Michelle Malkin: The Left’s Privacy Hypocrites


Billboard Shows Terrorist With Driver’s License. Ad Set For 2 States Criticized For ‘Connecting Arab Men With Violence’

Workers’ Bias Suit Ends In Win, Slurjurors Said A Lawyer Called Them “Crackers.” The School District Was Told To Pay Four White Men Nearly $3 Million

Computer Worm Traps Child Porn Offender In Germany

Video: The World’s Rattiest Looking Santa Claus Joins The Intifada After He’s Unable To Push His Way Past Israeli Soldiers (This Is An Odd Video)

Teen Guilty Of Manslaughter After Admitting Cupability On His Blog

Website Of The Day: Michelle Malkin

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