Excerpt Of The Day #1: Where’s The Plame Platoon On The Wiretap Leaks?

“I eagerly await the righteous indignation from the Plame Platoon about the spilling of secrets in wartime and its impassioned calls for an independent counsel to prosecute the leakers. And wait … And wait …

I suspect it’ll be a long wait because the rule of thumb seems to be that although it’s treasonous for pro-Bush partisans to spill secrets that might embarrass an administration critic, it’s a public service for anti-Bush partisans to spill secrets that might embarrass the administration. The determination of which secrets are OK to reveal is, of course, to be made not by officials charged with protecting our nation but by journalists charged with selling newspapers.

The New York Times sought to quell such concerns by noting in its big article on the NSA that “some information that administration officials argued could be useful to terrorists has been omitted.” Forgive me if I’m not reassured by the implication that other information that might be useful to terrorists had not been omitted.” — Max Boot

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