Daily News For December 22, 2005


Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts

Democrats block ANWR Drilling

USA Patriot Act Extended For 6 Months

‘Warrantless’ Searches Not Unprecedented

Report: Satellite Used After Ok. Bombing

The Organizers Of The Illegal Strike In New York May Face Jail Time If The Strike Continues

Abramoff May Strike Deal With Prosecutors. Plea Could Mean Lobbyist Would Implicate Members Of Congress

ABC News Poll: 54% Of Americans Want Alito Confirmed. 28% Don’t Want Him Confirmed


Bush Visits Wounded Marines In Iraq

Britain Will Be First Country To Monitor Every Car Journey

The US Has Vigorously Rebuffed Claims By Saddam Hussein That He Has Been Beaten And Tortured By The US.

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Ann Coulter: Live And Let Spy

Jonah Goldberg: Firebrand? He’s A Nut And He’s After Nukes.

Roberts Spencer: Muslims Are Held to Lower Standard

David White: The White House Wakes Up

Byron York: Bill Clinton And Warrantless Searches


Letterman Lawyers Fight Restraining Order

Double-Mouthed Fish Pulled From Neb. Lake (W/Freaky Pic)

Website Of The Day: Polipundit

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