Mexico Says We’re Not Allowed To Build A Wall On The Border

The towering arrogance of some of the top politicians from our bad neighbors to the South is almost beyond belief. It’s bad enough that they make no serious efforts to stop illegals from crossing the border. In fact, to the contrary, the Mexican government actually tacitly encourages their citizens to enter the US illegally.

But now, Mexico’s foreign secretary is actually telling us, the United States of America, that we are not permitted to build a wall in our own territory in order to keep illegals and terrorists from sneaking across the border. Just take a look at this

“The Mexican government, angered by a U.S. proposal to extend a wall along the border to keep out migrants, pledged Tuesday to block the plan and organize an international campaign against it.

Facing a growing tide of anti-immigrant sentiment north of the border, the government has taken out ads urging Mexican workers to denounce rights violations in the United States. It also is hiring an American public relations firm to improve its image and counter growing U.S. concerns about immigration.

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Mexican President Vicente Fox denounced the U.S. measures, passed by the House of Representatives Friday, as “shameful.” His foreign secretary, Luis Ernesto Derbez, echoed his complaints on Tuesday.

“Mexico is not going to bear, it is not going to permit, and it will not allow a stupid thing like this wall,” Derbez said.

“What has to be done is to raise a storm of criticism, as is already happening, against this,” he said, promising to turn the international community against the plan.

…The House bill, passed on a 239-182 vote, includes a proposal to build 700 miles of additional fence through parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It would also enlist military and local law enforcement to help stop illegal entrants and require employers to verify the legal status of their workers.

Mexicans are outraged by the proposed measures, especially the extension of the border wall, which many liken to the Berlin Wall. Some are urging their government to fight it fiercely.

“Our president should oppose that wall and make them stop it, at all costs,” said Martin Vazquez, 26, at the Mexico City airport as he returned from his job as a hotel worker in Las Vegas. “More than just insulting, it’s terrible.”

First of all, the Berlin Wall was vile because it kept people who wanted to leave trapped in Eastern Germany. This wall we will hopefully be building will be designed to keep people from illegally entering our country.

Number Two, the opinion of the “international community” and the government of Mexico isn’t worth a hoot in hell when it comes to building a fence on the Mexican-American border. It’s our land, we own it, and we’ll build a fence if we like. If you’re not an American citizen, then to be blunt, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Last but not least, let me note that if you want to work in the United States, you should understand that’s a privilege, not a right. We don’t want people traipsing illegally back and forth across our border whenever they take a notion to do so. Instead, we want everyone who enters this country to respect our laws and do so legally. If you think being asked to obey our laws is “insulting” or “terrible,” then it seems to me you’re exactly the type of person we don’t want in our country.

So, let’s hope the Senate approves this legislation and soon! The quicker we get this done, the quicker we can start building that wall and securing our borders.

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