Daily News For December 28, 2005


Israeli Planes Attack In Lebanon

Israeli Military Fires Barrage Into Gaza

Israeli Overseas Intelligence Service Mossad Chief Meir Dagan Said On Tuesday That Iran Is Seeking More Than One Nuclear Bomb And It Will Attain Technological Independence Within A Number Of Months

Andrei Illarionov, President Vladimir Putin’s Chief Economic Adviser But Also An Acerbic Critic Of The Kremlin’s Grab For Economic Power, Offered His Resignation On Tuesday, Saying Russia Was “no Longer Free”.


Specter Wants Domestic Spying Hearings Next Month (Now Why Did Bush Campaign For This RINO Again?)

Defense Lawyers In Some Of The Country’s Biggest Terrorism Cases Say They Plan To Bring Legal Challenges To Determine Whether The National Security Agency Used Illegal Wiretaps Against Several Dozen Muslim Men Tied To Al Qaeda (NYT Reg Req)

Centrist Democrats Hit Anti-Bush Tactics

Houston Mayor Wants FEMA To Pay For Police Overtime Caused By Crime Committed In Part By Katrina Evacuees

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La Shawn Barber: Kwanzaa

John Stossel: Top Ten List Of Foolish Myths

Jack Kelly: Kyoto Japanese For Hypocrisy

Walter Williams: Do We Deserve It?

Michelle Malkin: The New York Times Vs. America

Jonah Goldberg: ‘Meet The Press’ Summit Reveals Elite Media’s Flaw

Mona Charen: News Coverage Losers


Former Major League Pitcher Jeff Reardon Is Charged With Robbing A Palm Beach Gardens Jewelry Store

The 18th Annual Awards For 2005’s Worst Reporting

Now For Something Completely Odd: Offbeat Escapades From 2005

The Fiskie Awards: Select The Idiotarian Of The Year

Boyfriend Charged In Swallowed Cell-Phone Case. Faces Assault Charges For Forcing Device Down Girlfriend’s Throat

Funniest News Stories Of 2005

Website Of The Day: Countercolumn

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