Linking Up in Person

Ohhhkay, here I am to guest-blog finally. I’ve had a busy day and then a tiny little login problem, which all of my fellow guest-bloggers and John were able to help me fix quickly.

As I told them, I really wanted to get a word in tonight so as not to miss the opportunity to blog in such good company.

I was out of the house and away from the computer much of the day because I ran to the next town over to meet one of my favorite bloggers for lunch– Lorie Byrd from Polipundit.

We ate at Chili’s and talked about blogging and comments policies and other bloggers we’ve met in person. I played Tic-Tac-Toe with her 5-year-old daughter who also performed THE cutest “Reindeer Rap” for me while dancing in the booth and stomping her little, pink cowboy boots (new for Christmas, she informed me).

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Now, that is what I like about blogging– that Lorie Byrd can be a columnist at Townhall, appear on CNN, and be in the mix of major political discussions with national opinion makers, and still be a mom in North Carolina. Very, very cool– not just for Lorie but for the political process in general. Makes me feel like there’s a chance the Beltway can be rescued.

We talked more about family and Christmas fun than politics, which is kind of what I enjoy about meeting bloggers in person. You already know where they stand on pretty much everything–because they spend all their time TELLING you– so I like to just get to know them in person. Although, the conversation inevitably wanders to politics every once in a while.

It really was a pleasure to meet her–just one of a pretty solid showing on the conservative side of the blogosphere from my home state of North Carolina.

I’m sorry I didn’t get here until now, but I’ll try to make up for it this evening. Thanks to all the RWN readers for having me. And, I blog over at Hugh Hewitt’s, if you ever need to find me.

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