Daily News For Jan 23, 2006


Mimicking The Hijackers Who Executed The Sept. 11 Attacks, Insurgents Reportedly Tied To Al Qaeda In Iraq Considered Using Student Visas To Slip Terrorists Into The United States To Orchestrate A New Attack On American Soil

Crackdown ‘Nets 600 Sadr Forces’

Strategist: Iran Believes It Could Destroy Israel With A Single Nuke

Gaza Strip – A Huge Blast Damaged The Offices Of The Arabic Satellite Channel Al-Arabiya

Group Says Al-Qaida No. 2 Mocks Bush


Bush Approval In CBS Poll 28%

Black Caucus: Whites Representing Black Districts Not Allowed

Bush’s State Of The Union Speech Tonight

Sen. John W. Warner Of Virginia And Other Republicans Publicly Offered A Resolution Yesterday Condemning President Bush’s Proposal To Send More Troops To Iraq. (Retire Already Warner)

Climate Scientists Feeling The Heat. As Public Debate Deals In Absolutes, Some Experts Fear Predictions ‘Have Created A Monster’


Jack Kelly: Is the Surge Already Producing Results?

Thomas Sowell: The ‘Greed’ Fallacy

Rich Lowry: Hillary The Calculator

Liz Cheney: Retreat Isn’t An Option (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Dimitri Vassilaros: Bush’s ‘Callous Disregard’ For Our Border Patrol Agents


New Film At Sundance Features Rape Scene With 12 Year Old (Depraved)

Snarky Reply From Business To Soldier Serving In Iraq Starts Controversy

Moonbat Kicked Off Aussie Flight For Bush-Bashing T-Shirt

Web Of Cyber Lies Leads To Murder, Police Say

Australian Diver Lives Through Being Partly Swallowed By Shark

Website Of The Day: Atlas Shrugs

Update #1:

“John, I know you have been contemplating stopping the Daily news posts. I would ask that you not. It is one of my primary news sources for conservative news issues. If you chose to shut it down I understand, but I would count it as a loss.” — Rorschach

After reading the comments on stopping the daily news, which were, unsurprisingly, all over the place, I now have a system in place to count how many people are clicking on the daily links. So, after a few weeks (anywhere from 2-6), I’m going to go back and take a hard look at home many people are clicking on the links in this section each day and what links they’re clicking on.

Hopefully, that’ll give me enough raw data to make a decision about whether to keep to keep the daily news as is, modify it, or dump it all together.

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