Daily News For Jan 24, 2006


Text Of Bush’s State Of The Union Speech

Imprisoned Agent’s Wife: President Is A Hypocrite. Calls State Of The Union Speech ‘Total Sellout Of The United States Of America To Mexico’

761 Illegals Rounded Up in Southern California Sweep, One of the Largest Ever

Hundreds Deported After LA Sweep (Good)

White Atlanta Suburbs Push For Secession

High School Bans U.S.A. Chant At Basketball Games

GOP Urges Berger Lie Test

‘Scientist’ Group’s Funding Comes with Liberal ‘Strings Attached’


Claim: North Korea Is Helping Iran To Prepare An Underground Nuclear Test Similar To The One Pyongyang Carried Out Last Year

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… Assured That The United States And The Zionist Regime Of Israel Will Soon Come To The End Of Their Lives.”

China Confirms Missile Test

China Sticking To One-Child Policy Despite The Fact That It’s Causing 118 Men To Be Born For Every 100 Women Throughout The Country

Israel’s Politically Powerful Justice Minister Led The Growing Chorus Of Calls On Wednesday For President Moshe Katsav To Resign Over Impending Charges Of Rape And Abuse Of Power

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Kathleen Parker: Hollywood’s Sick New Movies

Tom Price: The Democrats’ Unconstitutional Power Grab

Walter Williams: Fearmongering Over Global Warming

Michelle Malkin: The Coming Amnesty Disaster

Jonah Goldberg: Let’s Not ‘Do It For The Children’


Biggest Threat To US Drinking Water: Rust?

Film’s Child Rape Scene Causes Stir

Bam Bam Bigelow Passes Away

Psychologist Evaluates ‘Jungle Woman’

Website Of The Day: Newsbeat 1

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