Daily News For Jan 26, 2007


Wednesday’s Bill Gave Partial Voting Rights On The House Floor To The Elected Delegates From The Four U.S. Territories Of American Samoa, Guam, The Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico As Well As The District Of Columbia. It Passed 226-191 On A Mostly Party-Line Vote. (Unconstitutional)

McCain Bashes Cheney And Rumsfeld Over Iraq Policy

McCain Crafting ‘Benchmarks’ Resolution for Iraq War

Funds Set Up For Border Patrol Agents. Supporters Of Jailed Men Have 3 Ways To Financially Help Their Families

Former President Jimmy Carter Once Complained There Were “Too Many Jews” On The Government’s Holocaust Memorial Council

Time Poll Of Registered Voters: Hillary 40% Vs. Obama 21% Vs. Edwards 11%


4 of 5 Americans Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash Shot Execution Style in the Back of the Head

Bombing At Hotel In Pakistan Kills 1

Curfew Imposed In Beirut After Clashes

Iran Has Converted Its Most Powerful Ballistic Missile Into A Satellite Launch Vehicle


Daniel Henninger: Talking Ourselves Into Defeat

The Wall Street Journal: Congress Has No Constitutional Power To Micromanage A War

Nibras Kazimi: Turnaround In Baghdad

Oliver North: Does Anyone In Congress Care?

Amanda Carpenter: The Non-Binding Congress

Lorie Byrd: Many Democrats Won’t Stand For Victory In Iraq


Air Force Reveals Weapons Tests That Sparked Global UFO Frenzy

A 35-Year-Old Man From The Western Dutch Town Of Hellevoetsluis Convinced Local Authorities To Issue Him An Identity Card With A Picture That Shows Him As The Joker

A French Muslim Who Attacked A Male Gynaecologist For Examining His Wife Just After She Had Given Birth, Saying It Was Against Islam, Has Been Jailed For Six Months By A Paris Court

Letterman’s Top Ten Surprises In George W. Bush’s State Of The Union Address

Website Of The Day: Cox And Forkum

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