Daily News For January 10, 2006


Bomb Defused At San Francisco Starbucks

Cheney Taken To Hospital

Opening Statement of Nominee Samuel Alito (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Alito Pledges To Do What The Law Requires

Dow Jones Industrials Close Above 11,000 For First Time Since Before 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Stern Debuts On Sirius. 129 Expletives


Iran Intends to Take Critical Step in Making Material for Nuclear Weapons (The Sooner We Or The Israelis Bomb Them, The Better)

Iranian Pilgrims In Mecca Shout “Death To America”

Iran Leader: Islam To ‘Rule The World’

Susanne Osthoff, The German Archeologist Kidnapped By Iraqi Gunmen On Nov. 25 And Released Before Christmas Was Connected With Her Country’s Intelligence Service, The BND

British Midland International Bans Bibles To Avoid Offending Muslims. Carrier To Saudi Arabia Also Precluding Crucifixes, Teddy Bears

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John Henke: “Real Wage” Slaves?

Senator John Cornyn: Alito Preview. What To Watch For

Arnaud de Borchgrave: Target Iran

Mark Steyn: Ideas Win Elections — Glamour Doesn’t


Masty Democratic Infighting In The Newark Mayor’s Race

Guy Kawasaki: The Top Ten Lies Of Entrepreneurs

A Surprisingly Cute Pic Of A Kitten With One Eye And No Nose

Vengeful Mouse Sets House Ablaze

A Dead Woman Dressed In White Was Positioned In A Chair In Front Of A Television Set For 2 1/2 Years Because She Told Her Caregiver That She Didn’t Want To Be Buried And Planned To Return

Humor: Pat Robertson: Child Abductions Are God’s Wrath Against Bad Kids

Website Of The Day: A North American Patriot

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