Daily News For January 6, 2005


Ariel Sharon Stable, In Medically Induced Coma

Iranian President Hopes Sharon Perishes (An Evil And Dangerous Man)

Iran leader ‘Disgusts’ US Over Sharon

Robertson Says Sharon’s Stroke Is God’s Punishment (What A Towering Idiot)

‘Anti-Semitic’ Talk By Hugo Chavez Angers Jews

UK: Muslims Boycott Holocaust Day

Muslim Gang Terrorizes Train In France

Young US Hockey Players Booed By Canadians Because They’re Americans


Clinton Campaign Group Fined for 2000 Gala

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Murtha’s Criticism Will Hurt Morale, Recruitment

DeLay’s House Colleagues Anticipate a Leadership Shake-Up (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Democrats Don’t Plan Alito Filibuster

Democrats To Delay Alito Confirmation Vote For A Week

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Mark Steyn: The War On Terror Is The Real Women’s Issue

Mark Steyn On The Population Decline Of The West, And The Further Embarrassment Of Pat Robertson

Ltc. John M. Kanaley: Straight From The Front

Charles Krauthammer: A Calamity For Israel


Humor: How Dumb Is the Democratic Base?

Website Of The Day: South Park Studio

Website Of The Day: Nealenews

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