The Top 3 Quotes From The Blogosphere This Week

The Top 3 Quotes In The Blogosphere This Week

1) “What is the Dem message here? “Oh my gosh, that evil Bush is spying on Al Qaeda and anyone who talks to them – as Democrats, we will never do that!”

Good luck. Let us know how that works out in ’06.” — Tom Maguire from at JustOneMinute

2) “Andrew McCarthy dismantles the Times’ newest attempt to get the public fussed about the NSA intercept case.

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Short version: He rides them harder than he rode Molly Ringwald at the end of the unrated director’s cut of Pretty In Pink.” — Ace of Spades HQ

3) “It’s like Teddy Roosevelt said:

“Speak softly, but if necessary beat them over the head until they’re unconscious.”

Or something like that.” — Jayson from Polipundit

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