Daily News For July 14, 2006


Israel Blasts Lebanon Airport, Air Bases

Israel Orders More Strikes

Claim: Israel Has Information That Lebanese Guerrillas Who Captured Two Israeli Soldiers Are Trying To Transfer Them To Iran

Bush Backs Israel’s Right To Self Defense

US Vetoes UN Resolution Urging End To Israeli Attacks In Gaza (Applause)

Syria: Khaled Meshal, The Damascus-Based Head Of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Says He Runs Things In The Palestinian Territories

Iran Warns Of ‘Fierce Response’ Should Israel Strike At Syria

67% Of Iranians Say Israel “Is Illegitimate And Should Not Exist.” 9% Disagree.

Saudis Blame Hizbullah For Lebanon Crisis (Wow, They Didn’t Blame It On The Jews)

Muthanna Is The First Of Iraq’s 18 Provinces To Be Transferred Over Totally To Iraqi Forces


Plame Sues Cheney, Rove, Libby

Bush Compromises On Spying Program (Free WAPO Reg Req)

House Rejects Changes to Voting Rights Act (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Missile Defense Test “Phenomenal” Success

Democrats Use Flag Draped Coffins Of American Soldiers In Fund Raising Pitch

Rapper Fat Joe At The Campus Progress National Student Conference: “Y’all Might As Well Throw Spears At Me Now. Y’all Are Going To Throw Me Out, But I Think (The Women In Hip Hop Are) B*tches And Hos.”

Pennsylvania City Passes Law Against Illegals

Rep. Patrick Kennedy Takes Weekly Urine Tests And Near-Daily AA Meetings


Charlotte Allen: Liberal Christianity Is Paying For Its Sins. Out-Of-The-Mainstream Beliefs About Gay Marriage And Supposedly Sexist Doctrines Are Gutting Old-Line Faiths

Charles Krauthammer: Israel’s Existence At Stake

Byron York: When Is A Leak Bad? When Journalism’s High And Mighty Say So

Johnathan Last: Of American Culture And Falling Fertility Rates


Border Patrol Tipping Off Mexican Government About Minuteman Patrols? They Say No.

The Worst Comedians Of All-Time

My Tour Of Africa With The Irritating Ashley Judd

Website Of The Day: Blogs For Bush

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