Daily News For July 19, 2006


Israeli Ground Troops Enter Lebanon

Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza Refugee Camp

Forty To Fifty Percent Of Hizbullah’s Military Capability Has Been Destroyed In The Six Days Of The IDF Counter-Attack

Hezbollah Fires Rocket-A-Minute At Israel

Israeli General Says Lebanon Offensive Will Last Weeks (Free New York Times Reg Req)

British Officials Privately Acknowledged The US Had Given Israel A Green Light To Continue Bombing Lebanon Until It Believes Hizbullah’s Infrastructure Has Been Destroyed.

Iran’s Hizbollah Says Ready To Attack US, Israel

Americans Evacuating Lebanon Board Ship


House Comes Up 47 Votes Short On Gay Marriage Ban — 236-187

Bush Holds Veto Pen Over Stem Cell Bill

Bush To Speak To NAACP For First Time

Alberto Gonzales: Bush Blocked NSA Probe

Controversial Mckinney Fails To Avoid Runoff


David Frum: Snake Eyes In The Middle-East

Newt Gingrich: Now Isn’t The Time For Restraint

Mary Katharine Ham: The Left Blogs Close The Door On The Big Tent

Thomas Sowell: A Cycle Of Nonsense

Walter Williams: Running Out of Oil?


Speechwriter Jennifer Hickey Takes A Vicious Swipe At The U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris’ Campaign After Leaving

MyDD Liberal Straw Poll Results

“Why [HuffPo] Needs $5 Million In Outside Capital To Fulfill Its Vision Is Another Question.”

Man Taken for Crazy Carpet Ride

Video: Did Ann Coulter Pull A Sharon Stone On MSNBC? (Not Safe For Work — Maybe)

Website Of The Day: Fark Politics

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