RWN’s 10 Favorite Republicans On Capitol Hill

George Allen: A reliably conservative Reagan Republican. We could use another 60-70 Senators just like him in the Senate.

Tom Coburn: The man who’s always on point against government spending in the Senate.

Jim DeMint: He’s conservative, pugnacious, and looks particularly impressive beside of the other Republican Senator from his state, Lindsey Graham.

Jack Kingston: Nobody on the Hill has done more to promote the blogosphere than Kingston. As a blogger, I appreciate that.

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Jeb Hensarling: A conservative congressman who is tough on spending.

Mike Pence: Despite the fact that he’s offering up an amnesty bill under his name, nobody in the House has fought harder to cut spending than Mike Pence.

Rick Santorum: He does stick his foot in his mouth now and again, but he’s conservative and he never hesitates to stand up for Republicans and social conservatism.

Jeff Sessions: The leader of the fight against illegal immigration in the Senate.

Tom Tancredo: Tanc is a one-man-gang in the battle against illegal immigration and he was fighting the good fight years before most other politicians got involved.

Dana Rohrabacher: We’re talking about a former Reagan administration official who actually went to Afghanistan and hooked up with the Mujahedin in hopes of fighting the Soviet Union. Now that’s a guy with brass you-know-whats and plus, he ‘s one of the staunchest opponents of illegal immigration in the House.

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