Daily News For July 26, 2005


An Indian Man Was Jailed In Bombay For Planned 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks In LONDON

President Pervez Musharraf: Al-Qaeda ‘Destroyed In Pakistan’ (Sounds Overly Optimistic)

Report: Insurgents Are “Among The Ranks Of The Iraq Police Service”

Back Off Muslims, Imam Warns Ottawa

Foreign-Born Us Soldiers Take Citizenship Oath In Iraq


Bush May Bypass Senate And Appoint Bolton To UN (Good Move)

The Funeral Crasher, Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll, Apologizes

Congress Plans To Scrutinize Plame-Related Issues

Rick Santorum: “My Intention Is Not To Run In 2008”

Dianne Feinstein Urges Muslim Leaders To Widely Denounce Terror

Banks Help Illegal Immigrants Buy Homes


Heather Mac Donald: Heralds Of A Brighter Black Future

The Wall Street Journal: The Key To Cheaper Health Insurance

Mitt Romney: “I Am Pro-life” (A Political Conversion For 2008)

John Hinderaker: What’s Really Behind The Left’s Worry About John Roberts And The “Constitution In Exile.”

Pete Du Pont: Is Old Europe Finally Learning That It Must Join The Global War On Terror?

Fareed Zakaria: We In The West Have To Discredit, Delegitimize And Dismantle Barbaric Ideas


Payola Shocker: J-Lo Hits, Others Were ‘Bought’ By Sony

These Soldiers Say ‘Over There’ Is ‘Bogus’

After 20 Years In A Hospital Bed, A Woman Wakes Up (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered In Apartment

Only 1 In 10 Callers To A Chinese Suicide Prevention Hotline Get Through On The 1st Time

Game: Avoider

Website Of The Day: Voice Of The Taciturn

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