Daily News For July 28, 2006


Israeli Security Cabinet Decides Against Expanding Lebanon Operation: “At The Moment The Army Is Not Bound By Time, It Can Act As Long As Needed.”

1,402 Rockets Shot At Israel Since Onset Of Fighting

Hezbollah Was Using UN Post As ‘Shield’

IAF Knocks Out Hezbollah Missile Command In Tyre

Bush Cites Iran’s Role in Lebanon Conflict

Al-Zawahri Calls For Holy War On Israel

Hezbollah leader said to be hiding in Iranian Embassy

Israelis Call Lebanese On The Phone And Tell Them To Move Before They Bomb (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)


Bush Signs Voting Rights Act Extension (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Sheehan Buys Plot In Crawford With Son’s Insurance Money

Newt: I Support Condi


Michael Schiavo Campaigns For Ned Lamont

McKinney Trailing In New Poll

89% Of All Google Giving Goes To Democrats And Their Organizations While 1% Goes To Republicans


Greg Gutfeld: Today’s Lesson — The Middle East

Ann Coulter Is Interviewed At Beliefnet

Kay S. Hymowitz: Desperate Grandmas

Victor Davis Hanson: The Vocabulary Of Untruth. Words Take On New Meanings As Israel Struggles To Survive

Charles Krauthammer: Let Israel Win The War


Tour De France Winner Flunks Drug Test

Landis Denies Doping

Kazaa Must Pay $115 Million, Introduce Filters

Humor: End the Sock Puppetry Please!

Website Of The Day: Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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