Peacekeepers In Lebanon

What good are peacekeepers if…

— They refuse to stop Hezbollah from attacking Israel?
— They are there only with Hezbollah’s permission?
— Their positions are being used as “shields” by Hezbollah?
— They don’t even have guns?

The peacekeepers in Lebanon have been useless. So, what good would it do to send more peacekeepers over? Unless the peacekeepers were willing to actually fight Hamas to keep them from attacking — and they’re not — what good would they be? None whatsoever…

Update #1: So, what’s the answer? It’s killing people and breaking things in Iran and Syria. They’re the people pulling Hezbollah’s strings and they might be willing to fight right down to the last person in Lebanon, but they don’t want Israel blowing up things in their countries. Ripping Hezbollah up is good. Bloodying Iran and/or Syria is better.

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