The Big 4 Reasons Why The GOP Is Struggling Going Into The 2006 Elections

4) George Bush: He’s been damaged, fairly or unfairly by Katrina, his handling of the Dubai Ports Deal, and his refusal to fight back strongly against the Democratic attacks on him. Also, he’s a “big government” Republican who holds a position on illegal immigration that’s anathema to most of his base. All these factors have combined to drive his approval rating down into the thirties, in most polls, and have made him unpopular.

3) The War in Iraq: Although the American people want to win in Iraq, they’re war weary and dissatisfied with the progress they’ve seen so far. Fortunately, the Democrats have been so hapless and irresponsible that the public trusts them less than the GOP. But, Americans want to see improvement here.

2) Spending: The base is full of Reagan Republicans who believe that the GOP should be cutting spending and shrinking the size of the government. Most Republicans in the Senate and the White House don’t seem to share that view.

1) Illegal immigration: The President and a large group of Republicans have teamed up to push a Senate bill that is strongly opposed by the GOP base and much of the country. Although the Democrats hold this same position in even greater numbers, percentage wise, it’s less demoralizing to their base.

Update #1: If there was a number 5, it would have been high gas prices. In my opinion, they have a lot to do with why Bush isn’t getting credit for the fantastic economy and they lead to a lot of general discontent with the government, although there isn’t a lot the government can do in the short term to really cut them down.

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