The Big 4 Reasons Why This Isn’t Going To Be The Democrats’ 1994, Despite The GOP’s Problems

4) Fund Raising: The GOP has an important edge in cash going into the elections. So far, we’ve spent $103 million more than Democrats and yet, we still have 24 million more on hand.

3) Democrats Want To Cut And Run In Iraq: Even at the height of the Vietnam War’s unpopularity, the American people voted in droves for Richard Nixon over peacenik George McGovern. Americans hate losing wars and as a whole, we don’t much care for people who want us to give in to our enemies as the Democrats do in Iraq. Add to that the Democrats’ stands on Gitmo, wiretapping, the Patriot Act, etc., and Americans just can’t trust Democrats with our defense.

2) Too Many Crazies: Because liberals are much more reluctant to criticize their own than Republicans, they end up embracing a lot more embarrassing characters than the GOP does. Every time they make another gaffe, a few more people end up voting Republican.

1) The Idea Fogbank: Because the Democrats have so many interest groups they can’t afford to offend and because they hold so many unpopular ideas near and dear to their hearts, they can’t be open about their agenda. This keeps the Dems from being able to clearly tell the American people what they stand for and often leads people to suspect, with good reason, that they’re not being honest about what they want to do once they get into power.

Update #1: On the Nixon/McGovern comparison, Nixon ran on creating “Peace with Honor,” while McGovern’s platform was essentially, “Run For Your Lives!” The American people chose Nixon in a landslide — and with good reason.

Nixon made good on his promise, but after Watergate, the Democrats in Congress were strengthened enough to be able to cut off the supplies and air support we promised to South Vietnam, which for all intents and purposes delivered the country to the Commies wrapped in a big red bow. Were it not for the actions of the Democrats in Congress, South Vietnam would likely be a free country today and the war would be a viewed as an American victory, albeit a costly one.

In the here and now, many of the Democrats in Congress would be completely content to see Iraq taken over by terrorists because they think they’d benefit from it politically. That’s because, at least from 1972 election on, the Democrats have put petty political concerns above National Security. The went soft on Vietnam (Richard Nixon was cleaning up Johnson’s mess), they were soft on the Soviets, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been so soft on terrorism. It’s just what they do.

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