Daily News For June 2, 2006


Fired Undocumented Immigrants Demand Jobs Back

FEC Adopts Hands-Off Stance on ‘527’ Spending (Free WAPO Reg Req)

ABC News Poll: 86 Percent Say The FBI Should Be Allowed To Search A Congress Member’s Office If It Has A Warrant.

Homeland Honcho Cuts New York Anti-Terrorism Funds By 40%

A New York Democrat Apologizes For Saying Bush Should Be Shot Between Eyes

A LA Radio Reporter Was Assaulted Thursday While Leaving A Los Angeles Charter School That His Station Has Said Imparts Separatist Ethics

About 170 Washington Post Staff Take Buyouts


Iraq Wants to Set Rules on U.S. Raids

The BBC Has Uncovered New Video Evidence That Us Forces May Have Been Responsible For The Deliberate Killing Of 11 Innocent Iraqi Civilians (Or They May Not. Pretty Dubious “Evidence”)

Marine Irked At Inclusion In Haditha Case

Iran To Build Two More Nuclear Plants

Clashes in Paris Suburbs Recall Riots of Fall (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Michael Graham: Sen. Graham, Is There’s Anything You’d Be Willing To Do For This Immigrant?

Johnathan Chait: Al Gore’s Rise – And Hillary Clinton’s Free Fall (Free La Times Reg Req)

Jed Babbin: The Haditha Story

Victor Davis Hanson: Europe’s Good Intentions Have Gone Sour

Mark Steyn Chats With Hugh Hewitt


Israel: Unique Underground Ecosystem Revealed By HU Researchers Uncovers Eight Previously Unknown Species

A Quarter Of Boys, 20 Percent Of Girls Claim To Have ‘Cyber Sex’

Website Of The Day: Bizzyblog

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