Excerpt Of the Day: Democrats And “Values Voters”

“…(O)n the eve of the 2004 election, an election dominated by “moral values” voters (despite what some have written), fully 42% of Americans saw the Democrat Party as “friendly toward religion.”

Of course, the Dems got walloped in 2004, largely because they were so remarkably out-of-step with the values of those “values voters”. The Dems then embarked on a remarkable propaganda campaign designed to “take back the faith” from religious conservatives. This effort was led by people like Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and … well, you get the picture.

The campaign was a flop. One year later, after all this posturing, the percentage of Americans who viewed the Dems as “religion friendly” plummeted to 29%.

Another campaign seemed to pick up; this one more serious. Genuine liberal Christians like Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo took the reigns of the religious left movement from out of the hands of the blowhard politicians. As Steve Waldman has written in Slate, “A week doesn’t seem to pass without some group convening a conference on religion and liberalism.”

… And the percentage of Americans who viewed the Dems as a “religion friendly” party fell again! This time to 26%.” — Patrick Hynes

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