Daily News For June 22, 2006


The United States Has Found 500 Chemical Weapons In Iraq Since 2003, And More Weapons Of Mass Destruction Are Likely To Be Uncovered

Former Mossad Chief: Iran Weakening, May Do Deal

Saudi Claim: Iran War ‘Could Triple Oil Price’

The Marine Corps On Wednesday Announced That Seven Marines And A Sailor Had Been Charged With Murder In The April Death Of An Iraqi Civilian


Hastert Doubts Alien Bill In 2006

Illegal Alien Rapes Puppy. Suspect Felt There Was No Problem, Claiming Animal Was His To Abuse

Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase (Good Job)

A Kos-Ola TimeLine

Court Denies City’s Attempt To Block Soledad Cross Ruling (This Is An Egregious Abuse Of The First Amendment)


‘Godless’ Causes Liberals to Pray … For a Book Burning

Mark Steyn: Ann Coulter — America’s Fiery, Blond Commentatrix

Dennis Prager: Why Liberals Fear Global Warming More Than Conservatives Do

Matt Labash: Riding With The Kossacks. Markos Moulitsas Zúniga And Me

Marc Cooper: The Democrats’ Electoral Roulette

David Limbaugh: The Democrats’ Withdrawal Conundrum

James Lileks: Democrats’ ‘New Direction For America’ Is A Wrong Turn

Peggy Noonan: Off Base


Judge Throws Out Rape Case After Prosecutor Late To Court

Christians On Football Film: Give Us A G! (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Steven Hawking Was “Very Worried About Global Warming.” He Said He Was Afraid That Earth “Might End Up Like Venus, At 250 Degrees Centigrade And Raining Sulfuric Acid.” (Can He Seriously Believe That?)

The Blogosphere’s Smoke-Filled Backroom

Humor: Goat Claims He Was With 20th Hijacker the Night Before 9-11

Website Of The Day: RedState

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