Saddam’s WMDs

There are a lot of liberals out there who’ve called George Bush a liar because no large quanities of WMDs had been found in Iraq.

It didn’t matter that plenty of Democrats with access to intelligence reports came to exactly the same conclusion; it was, “Bush lied and people died.”

It didn’t matter that intelligence agencies all over the world also believed Saddam had WMDs. It was, “Bush lied and people died.”

It didn’t matter that Iraq’s foreign minister, Naji Sabri, told us that Saddam had WMDs and wanted more. It was, “Bush lied and people died.” It’s such a great slogan and it fits on a bumper sticker, so it has to be right!

We even found small amounts of WMDs in Iraq. But it was still, “Bush lied and people died.” Listen to it: it rhymes!

Well now, with the announcement that over 500 WMDS have been found in Iraq, we have a much better picture of what was happening.

It’s now clear that Saddam Hussein had previously manufactured weapons of mass destruction, had used them on his own people, had plans to make more according to the Deulfer report, and had stockpiles of WMDs on hand when we went to war against him.

So where does that leave the anti-war crowd? Arguing that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and intended to make more, but that he wasn’t making any at the moment when we hit him, so we had nothing to worry about on the WMD front?

Those type of tortured arguments are exactly why no one trusts the left with our national defense in the first place…

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