Daily News For June 23, 2006


Seven Arrested In Sears Tower Plot

Senate Rejects Calls On Iraq Troop Pullout

House Approves Weaker Line Item Veto

Successful Missile Intercept Reported In Us Sea-Based Defense Test

Celebs To Join Cindy Sheehan In Hunger Strike (Go Hunger!)

Supposedly, Chafee’s Not Leaving the GOP


Former Defense Sec. Perry Wants N. Korean Missile Destroyed

Three Foiled Hijack Plots Revealed in U.S. Document

5 Troops Killed; Iraqi Police Free 17 Hostages

Afghan Leader Condemns U.S. Anti-Terror Tactics (Sounds Like Political Posturing)

Hamas: Islam Will Conquer US And Britain


Noel Sheppard: The Deflating Democrats

Dan Riehl: ‘Astrologer’ Jerome Armstrong?

Jack Kelly: Iraq, Vietnam, The MSM & Dan Rather

The Arizona Republic: Barbaric Acts Against GIs Have No Equivalent

Iain Murray: The Hockey Stick Is Dead. Long Live the Hockey Stick!

Steven Spruiell: NYT: We’re Still Above the Law


Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) Has Apologized To Helen Thomas For Suggesting That Abu Musab Al Zarqawi’s “72 Virgins In The Hell He’s At” Each Looked Like Her.

Ann Coulter Says ‘Insane’ Democrats Should Win In 2006

Democratic Underground: Miami Terror Raid Keeps the Black Man Down

Video: A Giant Centipede That Actually Kills And Eats Bats

Humor: The Baby Shiloh — Chosen By God To Stop Global Warming

Humor: Fear The Kos

Website Of The Day: The Truth Laid Bear

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