My Selections For The 20 Worst Americans List

Here are my 20 selections for the Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Worst People In America post:

Al Gore: For the election conspiracy theories he helped get started and for the global warming hysteria he has also encouraged.

Al Sharpton: A race baiting poverty pimp.

Bill Clinton: A former President who disgraced the office and who has broken tradition by publicly trying to undermine the President, especially on foreign policy.

Cindy Sheehan: Exploiting her son’s death for political gain, profit, and fame.

Fred Phelps: The God Hates F*gs lunatic who organizes protests of funerals.

Jesse Jackson: Race baiting poverty pimp #2.

Jimmy Carter: One of the worst Presidents of the last hundred years. Completely incompetent, hopelessly naive, a strong supporter of various dictators, and he also has broken tradition by publicly trying to undermine the President, especially on foreign policy.

John Kerry: For stroking the election paranoia in this country, via his wife among other methods, and for wanting to cut and run from Iraq for political gain.

John McCain: If the Republicans are doing something dumb, you can almost always count on McCain to be leading the charge.

John Murtha: The leader of the cut’n’run caucus.

Joe Wilson: A habitual liar and an egomaniac who caused countless problems by shamelessly lying over and over again.

Louis Farrakhan: An anti-semitic racist kook.

Paris Hilton: A stupid, spoiled slut who has helped popularize her idiotic lifestyle.

Michael Moore: The left’s master propagandist.

Michael Schiavo: A cold blooded, vile human being who I believe, in the end, wanted his wife to die for no other reason than to stick it to her parents.

Noam Chomsky: The poster boy for the hate-America left.

Ramsey Clark: The man has never met an enemy of America that he didn’t want to find a way to help.

Ted Kennedy: If it’s bad for America and there’s political gain to be had by supporting it, count on Teddy to be there.

Ted Rall: A bitter, spite filled ultra-lib, without the slightest shred of human decency.

Ward Churchill: The archetype of the America hating, loony liberal professor.

Of course, I could have added in spies, traitors like Jane Fonda, or other assorted bad Americans, but I wanted to focus on bigger, more current names.

Also, here are a few other assorted things of interest about the survey:

— Despite the fact that George Bush has been bashed on the right relentlessly over the last few months, he didn’t receive a single vote for this list.

— The lefty I was most surprised not to see make the list? Robert Byrd. A lot of venom gets aimed at old Sheets, but somehow he didn’t quite make the list.

— I was a little surprised that Michael Moore ended up in first place. After all, he has been relatively quiet since 2004.

— The three biggest names who may be running for President on the Democratic side in 2008 — Clinton, Kerry, and Gore — all finished in the top 5. That might be a strong indication that they’re so unpopular on the right that any of them might help drive turnout for the GOP candidate.

— The mainstream media keeps trying to convince people that John McCain is the front runner for the Republican nomination. Well, he just tied with Chuck Schumer, Paris Hilton, Jane Fonda on a list of the worst Americans chosen by conservatives. Does that sound like a front runner to you?

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