Daily News For March 14, 2006


The White House Response To Feingold’s Call For Censure Of The President: “If Democrats Want To Argue That We Shouldn’t Be Listening To Al Qaeda Communications, It’s Their Right And We Welcome The Debate. We Are A Nation At War.”

Dems Object To Censure Resolution Vote

Feingold Draws Little Support for Censure (We Need A Vote On This On The Senate Floor)

Judge Unexpectedly Halts Moussaoui Trial

Claim: Richard L. Armitage Is Likely The Source Who Revealed CIA Desk Jockey Valerie Plame’s Name To Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward


Heart Failure Blamed But Former Serb Leader Slobodan Milosevic Wrote Just Before His Death: “They Would Like To Poison Me.”

Muslim Lawyers Announce 10 Million Reward For Killing Of Danish Cartoonists

President Bush’s Speech On Iraq

US Monitoring Israel’s Iran Options (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Israelis Storm Palestinian Prison


Michael Barone: Looking Back On 1994

Jay Cost: Last Week’s Myths About 2006

Ralph Peters: Myths Of Iraq (Superb)

John Leo: America Is Rife With Morally Dubious Awards

Thomas Sowell: Classroom Brainwashing


The Pre-War Consensus On WMD

The GOP Bloggers 2008 Straw Poll

Suggest Names For The Strategic Allies Tournament Field

Isaac Hayes, Chef, Quits South Park Because They Mocked Scientology

Humor: The Mind of Impeachment

Newsbeat 1

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