Family Members, House Guests, And Illegal Aliens

Do you realize how mind bogglingly disingenuous the pro-illegal immigration position in this country has become? Unless you absolutely pin them down, the pro-illegals crowd refuses to make any distinction whatsoever between immigrants who come here legally and those who don’t. They’ll tell you that we SHOULD police the border, that we SHOULDN’T let criminals or terrorists into the country, and that they OPPOSE an open border policy. But then, these exact same people will have a screaming fit the very moment you suggest that we actually beef up resources enough to actually dam the flood of illegals pouring into our country.

Let’s be clear here: we’re talking about people who’d rather allow terrorists and drug dealers to sneak across our borders than risk blocking illegal aliens as well. How much sense does that make in these days and times? Consider that in this country, we flip out if we think that the airports or ports aren’t secure against terrorists and WMDs, but at the same time, Osama Bin Laden could be waltzing over the border right now with a truck load of nerve gas and chances are we’d have no idea it was happening. That’s just insane, but it’s the reality we’re still living with in this country 4 1/2 years after 9/11.

Yet and still, if you believe the arguments you regularly hear from the pro-illegals crowd on the right, we shouldn’t block illegal immigrants, terrorists, and drug dealers from coming into the country because we might offend the immigrants who are already here. But, wait a second, aren’t these immigrants the same people who filled out paperwork and waited in line for years to get their chance to become American citizens? These are the people who are going to be terribly offended because we don’t allow illegal immigrants to come and go as they please, without worrying a whit about our laws? This is like saying people who’ve waited in line for an hour to see a movie are going to be offended if we turn away people who just cut in line right behind them as they reached the ticket booth. The only people who are really going to be “offended” by a crackdown on illegals are liberals who want to turn “undocumented workers” into potential voters after an amnesty and certain businessmen, who, along with their government lackeys, want labor that will work cheaper than the market will bear otherwise. The rest of us in this country, who are either immigrants or descended from immigrants at some point, aren’t going to be upset one iota if our laws are actually enforced.

Let me put it another way, to help clear things up. Imagine the United States as “our house.” Immigrants who’ve become citizens, whether it was 200 years ago or yesterday, are like family. They belong here. This is our home and we’re all in this together.

Then there are the guests in our home, people who come here to work, go to school, or just for a vacation. As long as they ask permission to come here, mean us no harm, and obey our laws — the “rules of the house” — we’re glad to have them here.

Then there’s the third group, illegal aliens. They don’t respect our laws, they came into “our house” without being invited, grabbed some food out of the fridge, and sat down in front of the TV. These people are not welcome in “our house,” even if they took out the trash or mopped the floor, because they came in without asking. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good people, bad people, helpful, crooked, nice, or mean; if we didn’t say they could come in, they’re unwanted guests and it’s time for them to get out!

This is the simplest concept in the world to understand and Americans who don’t want intruders in “their house” have gotten sick and tired of being called nativists, xenophobes, and racists just because they want our borders to be secure and because they believe foreigners who enter this country should respect our laws.

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