Daily News For March 16, 2006


Feingold Accuses Democrats Of ‘Cowering’ Over Censure Issue

Tarheel Terrorist Tried To Kill Americans Out Of “Love For Allah”

Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush & Republicans

Pew Poll: Bush Approval 33%

Harris To Stay In Race For Senate Seat

Lawyers for Libby Subpoena Reporter and New York Times (Free NYT Reg Req)

Lots Of Abu Ghraib Pics (Yawn)


Rumsfeld Hints Iraq Troop Levels May Temporarily Rise Just A Bit For Religious Festival

Bush To Restate Terror Strategy 2002 Doctrine Of Preemptive War To Be Reaffirmed (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Abbas Calls Israeli Raid an ‘Unforgivable Crime’

Bolton Compares Iran Threat To Sept 11 Attacks

First Declassified Iraq Documents Released (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Russian Communist Leader Sees U.S. Behind Bird Flu Outbreak

The Afghan Capital Is Booming For People With Money


National Review: Feingold’s Gift To The GOP

David Frum: Is George Bush The Right Man?

Ann Coulter: Welcome To My World, Claude Allen

Peggy Noonan: Hey Big Spender

“Crash,” The Movie Vs. Race Relations, The Reality


Did Ariana Huffington Forge A George Clooney Post On The Huffington Post?

Africa May Be Slowly Splitting Apart. A New Ocean Could Be Forming

The Political Donations Of Sports Stars

U.S. Military Plans To Make Insect Cyborgs

Aging Japan Builds Robot To Look After Elderly

Website Of The Day: Gopinion

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