The Media’s Continuing Obsession With The Non-Existent Civil War In Iraq

You don’t even have to go beyond this short, first paragraph of a piece at Reuters to see exactly what’s wrong with the way the media covers Iraq:

“Three months after it was elected, Iraq’s parliament was finally sworn in on Thursday but the 20-minute session was an empty formality that did nothing to break a government deadlock or halt a slide to civil war.”

The media has been claiming that Iraq is about to, “slide (jnto) civil War,” for three years and they’ve been wrong every single step of the way. Yet, despite the fact that they haven’t gotten it right yet, despite the fact that multiple US Generals have come out and said that Iraq is not about to descend into civil war, the media arrogantly and obliviously keeps repeating the same lines.

Also, you’ve got to love the way they’ve slanted the news about the first meeting of the Iraqi Parliament. Here we have a historic event, elected Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds offically meeting for the first time to represent their constituencies and help guide their country towards freedom and it’s just brushed off. “Oh, they didn’t fix all of Iraq’s problems in their 20 minute session, so who cares?”

In all seriousness, folks, and this is not hyperbole, this is not an exaggeration; if Al-Qaeda were paying most of the mainstream media, including Reuters, to try to undercut the war in Iraq, but not make it too obvious — you know, no “Peace be upon Osama Bin Laden, the wondrous friend of the West” stuff — the coverage would probably be exactly the same as it is today. That’s how pessimistic, warped, and misleading the coverage we get from the MSM in this country is day to day. It’s a genuine disgrace, it unnecessarily aids our enemies, and it’s part of the reason why so many people, justifiably, no longer trust the press in this country to tell them the truth.

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