Daily News For March 21, 2006


Bin Laden Sought ‘Joint Operations’ With Saddam

Bush Warns Iran On Israel

Claim: ‘US Could Wipe Out Iran Nuke Program In Two Days’ (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Anger Over Christian Convert In Kabul Who Faces Death

EU To Hand Over $78 Million To Hamas Led Government

Afghan Ambassador Raps Protesters Who Said Country Was Better Under Taliban

Three Years Of Wrong Predictions On Iraq


Best Job Market In 5 Years: Economy Approaching Full Employment

Lawmakers Get Out Of The House

Daily Kos 2008 Presidential Poll: Feingold 48%, Wesley Clark 15%, Mark Warner 12%, John Edwards 6%, No Clue 4%, Other 3%, Hillary Clinton 2%


Mark Steyn: Getting There From Here

Iraq The Model: The Third Anniversary…Sacrifice, Fear And Hope

Scalia’s Good Sense

Debbie Schlussel: Tattoos — A Sign of Power? Not!

John Miller: 2006 Senate Breakdown


Turkmen President Offers A Place In Heaven To His Readers

Nepalese Buddha Boy ‘Reappears’

Six-Legged Lamb Born In Belgium

Ohio Couple Lose Custody Of Adopted Kids After Making Them Sleep In Cages

Germany: Man Found With Wife’s Head In Bag

Website Of The Day: Gina Cobb

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