The Sort Of Pics The MSM Always Seems To Miss At Anti-War Rallies

No newspaper in America gets better pics from the anti-war rallies than Zombie, whose latest finds were from an anti-war rally in San Francisco on March 18th. Of course, that’s largely by design. When you have liberal reporters, sympathetically reporting on an event you can be almost sure that they support — like an anti-war rally — they don’t want you to see pics like this…

or this…

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or worst of all, this…

See, if they showed you pics like these, it might raise embarrassing questions about the anti-war movement and some of the sentiments undergirding the left’s unending attempts to undercut the war on terrorism. That’s why the libs in the MSM who seem to look for the most controversial angle of every story, will bend over backwards to ignore the radicals who regularly attend these events.

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