Daily News For March 22, 2006


Some U.S. Officials Fear Iran Is Helping Al Qaeda They Say Intelligence Suggests That The Regime Lets Key Figures Plot. But The Picture Is Cloudy (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Bush Defends Decisions On Iraq War

U.S. Cautiously Backs Afghan Christian Set To Be Murdered For His Beliefs By The Government. Monitoring Situation While Italy Threatens To Pull Troops From ‘Liberated’ Afghanistan (Good For Italy)

An Inquiry Has Found That An American Public Relations Firm Did Not Violate Military Policy By Paying Iraqi News Outlets To Print Positive Articles, Military Officials Said Tuesday (Free NYT Reg Req)

Lefty Mayor Of London, Ken Livingstone, In Fresh Jewish Controversy

Neo-Nazis Threaten To Massacre Muslims At World Cup


The New Mexico Democratic Party Is Calling For President Bush’s Removal From Office

A Bill That Allows Public High Schools To Offer Classes On The Bible Sped Through The Georgia House Today, Passing Overwhelmingly With No Debate

Gallup Polling Drops CNN After ‘Low Ratings’; Full Memo Revealed

Nagin Rejects Limits On Rebuilding In New Orleans. Residents In Vulnerable Areas Can Reconstruct

Prosecutors Drop Sex Case Against Teacher, Debra Lafave


Jack Kelly: Ignorance Pervasive In Reporting From Iraq

John Stossel: Public Schools Evade Real Acountability

W. Thomas Smith: Our Country, Right Or Wrong

Jonah Goldberg: Do Conservatives Need Psychological Help?

Peter Schweizer: Noam Chomsky


Huffington Apologizes for Clooney Blog

Woman’s Hair Bursts Into Flames, Causes House Fire

Audio: 9/11 Tape Of Guy Who Killed Kid For Walking Across His Lawn

Website Of The Day: Red America

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