Daily News For March 29, 2006


Mexican Flag Waving Illegals Rush The Dallas City Hall

McCain Comes Out In Favor Of Giving Illegal Aliens Citizenship (GRRRRRRRRR)

Andrew Card Resigns as White House Chief of Staff (Good Riddance)

The WAPO Leaks Off The Record Coversations With The White House

Democratic Congressman Jim Mcdermott Busted For Violating Federal Law By Turning Over An Illegally Taped Telephone Call To Reporters Nearly A Decade Ago

Former Defense Chief Caspar Weinberger Dies At 88

Gallup: Worries About Health Care Now Top Issue In U.S.


Christian Convert Vanishes After Release

U.S. Troops Defend Raid, Say Iraqis Faked “Massacre”

Police Find 14 Bodies Shot In Head In Baghdad

Israel’s Olmert Declares Election Victory

A Million French Protest Against Youth Job Law

Furor As London Mayor Calls US Ambassador “Crook”


Thomas Sowell: Guests Or Gate Crashers

Human Events: Tell Waffling Republicans — No Amnesty!

National Review: Reckless In The Senate On Illegal Immigration

Rich Lowry: Illegals vs. Enforcement

A Q&A With Newt Gingrich

La Shawn Barber: Black Marriage

Richard Brand: Why Is Hugo Chávez Involved With U.S. Voting Machines?

Charles Krauthammer: Fukuyama’s Fantasy (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Jack Kelly: Sunday’s Gunfight In Iraq

Tony Blair: We Must Stay United

Charlie Cook: The GOP’s Structural Advantage


Paul Begala: “McCain Sat Out The (Viet Nam) War” (Disgusting)

Man Is Charged $4,300 for Four Burgers

Website Of The Day: NumbersUSA

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