The Senate’s Illegal Immigration Horror Show

Sometimes, you just have to scratch your head and wonder what goes on in the vast empty space between the ears of some of the Republicans in the Senate. For example, that sort of head scratching might happen after you saw the nightmarish concoction that the Senate Judiciary Committee just came out with. Here we are in a Senate, that has 55 Republicans — 44 Democrats — and 1 left leaning independent — on an issue that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the conservative base, and we get a bill that gives liberals everything they want while those of us on the right get a boot in the mouth.

Here’s a description of the bill, which might as well have been written by Vicente Fox, that is going to be going to the Senate floor:

“(Illegal) Immigrant supporters claimed their first major victory since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks after a bipartisan group of senators approved legislation that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship.

…In general, the Judiciary Committee’s bill is designed to strengthen enforcement of U.S. borders, regulate the flow into the country of guest workers and determine the legal future of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.

The bill would double the Border Patrol and authorize a “virtual wall” of unmanned vehicles, cameras and sensors to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border. It also would allow more visas for nurses and agriculture workers, and shelter humanitarian organizations from prosecution if they provide non-emergency assistance to illegal residents.

The most contentious provision would permit illegal aliens currently in the country to apply for citizenship without first having to return home, a process that would take at least six years. They would have to pay a fine, learn English, study American civics, demonstrate they had paid their taxes and take their place behind other applicants for citizenship, according to aides to Kennedy, D-Mass., who was instrumental in drafting the legislation.

…The Judiciary Committee also approved a five-year plan to provide visas for about 1.5 million agriculture workers and allow them to eventually seek legal residency.

Recent polls show that about six in 10 Americans oppose letting illegal immigrants remain in the country and apply for citizenship and three of every four don’t believe the government is doing enough to stem the continuing tide of new arrivals.”

So, what do we have here? No real wall, a bunch of security measures that will probably never actually be fully implemented (just like last time), illegal aliens who don’t respect our laws being given US citizenship, and a guest worker program.

For a moment, let’s just set aside the fact that…

— This legislation is a disaster for America and will lead to more illegals pouring over the border in hopes of a future amnesty.

— The same people who snuck into our country in the dead of night and were out in the street this week-end waving Mexican flags and claiming America is stolen land, will be offered citizenship.

— This is a huge slap in the face, a big, “You’re an idiot,” to all the people who obeyed our immigration laws and actually waited in line to enter this country legally. When lawbreakers are rewarded and people who respect the law are treated like fools, expect more criminal behavior.

— We’ve already had one massive amnesty back in 1986. Back then, they promised we’d never have another one and that we’d tighten up security. Now, 20 years later, here we are right back in the same position. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Setting all that aside, consider the politics of this bill.

You’ll notice, even in the article above, that a significant majority of Americans oppose allowing illegals to stay here and apply for citizenship. Furthermore, the Republican base is — and has been — breathing fire over this issue for years. So, in an election year, when the base is already demoralized, the Republicans in the Senate are going to tell us, and the majority of American citizens, to go straight to hell on a critically important issue? Does that really make sense politically?

Furthermore, let’s say all 11 million illegal aliens become US citizens. Which party do you think they’re going to vote for? Even if they split 60/40 for the Democrats — and given that they’re mostly poor, uneducated people, from mostly socialist countries, who don’t respect our laws, those are probably extremely generous numbers for the GOP — this will add more than 2 million potential votes for the Democrats.

Oh, but that’s not all! Inevitably, because of this amnesty, more illegal aliens will pour into the country. Which means what? Another amnesty in 5 or 10 years and another 2 or 3 million net votes for the Democrats?

But wait, there’s more! Since the “solution” suggested above will take years to implement and really won’t fix the problem, it guarantees that this issue will continue to be a sucking chest wound for the GOP that won’t go away for years.

In other words, this bill is a complete disaster for America and the GOP. It’s the political equivalent of the Harriet Miers fiasco, McCain-Feingold, and the Dubai Ports World deal all rolled up into one big, ugly package and it absolutely must be stopped.

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