Daily News For March 31, 2006


Vicente Fox: U.S. Will ‘Beg’ for Mexican Workers (Yeah, Right)

Texas High School Principle Hoists Mexican Flag In Front Of American High School (He Should Be Fired)

After The Mexican Flag Is Raised Over Yet Another American High School, American Students Took The Flag Down And Burned It

Mexican Flag Flies Over American Community

House Conservatives Blast Immigration Bill (Big, Big, Applause!)

Mass. Court: Gays Can’t Go There To Marry

Borders, Waldenbooks Won’t Carry Magazine Because It Contains Cartoons Of The Prophet Muhammad

McKinney Faces Arrest Over Security Incident (Applause)

Cynthia McKinney’s Original Statement, Playing The Race Card To Explain Why She Assaulted A Police Officer

Democratic Rep. Mckinney Has Had 5 Run-Ins With Security

Lynn Swann Leads in Pa. Gov. Race (Go Lynn, Go!)


Blair Will Be Gone By Christmas, Say Friends

Hostage Jill Caroll Released In Iraq. She Says The Terrorists Treated Her Well. Her Interpreter, Murdered During The Kidnapping, Was Not Available For Comment

Osama Bin Laden’s Former Personal Bodyguard Is Certain The Al-Qaeda Leader Is Planning A New Attack Against The U.S.

Iran Defiantly Rejects New U.N. Demands (Can We Bomb Yet?)

Would You Let Your Daughter Go to a French Protest? (W/Shocking Pics)


Mark Steyn And Hugh Hewitt Talk About Illegal Immigration

Victor Davis Hanson: Whose Backlash?

Diana West: Mexico North?

Cathy Young: Adoption Swindle Shafts Dads

Heather Mac Donald: If Boys And Girls Are Oppressed Classes, Who’s Left?

Victor Davis Hanson: Critiquing The Critique Of The War In Iraq


Michigan Husband On Strike, On His Roof

Europe’s Urination Adventures

Humor: Anti-War Hostages Dropped Back Into Iraq

Website Of The Day: Kausfiles

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