Give Us American Citizenship And Then Get Out Of Our Country!

This is an interesting, but hardly surprising development. From WorldNetDaily:

“While politicians debate the fate of some 12 million people residing in the U.S. illegally, the Mexica Movement, one of the organizers of the mass protest in Los Angeles this week, has already decided it is the “non-indigenous,” white, English-speaking U.S. citizens of European descent who have to leave what they call “our continent.”

Here are some pics that were proudly displayed on the Mexica Movement website. As you look at these pics, remember that our Senate is filled with Republicans and Democrats who don’t think the beliefs you’re about to see expressed should be disqualifiers for granting someone American citizenship.

That’s right! Americans have no right to control their borders because we don’t own our own land!

I wonder if the Palestinians carried signs like this before they started blowing themselves up on Israeli school buses?

Is it really a good idea to allow people to stay in this country who believe that non-Hispanic Americans are “stealing” their land?

You didn’t see this pic on the front page of your local paper, did you?

Here are some of the lovely sentiments from the page. Again, as you read this, tell me if it makes sense to want illegal aliens with this mentality in our country or if it makes sense to give them American citizenship:

One of the more negative parts of the march was when American flags were passed out to make sure the marchers were looked on as part of “America.”

Yes, how terrible it would be for people to look as if they were, “part of ‘America.”

It was a great feeling to see our people really alive and united. We need to use this motivation, this heart to bring our continent alive with knowledge and actions that will liberate our people.

Do these “actions that will liberate our people” involve car bombs, molotov cocktails, or machine guns?

FINAL NOTE: Racist Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R of California 4th district) of red-neck Orange County said that he didn’t care how long people had been in “this country” illegally, if they were here illegally for 5 or 50 years that they should be deported. Fine! Europeans have been here illegally since 1492, START THE DEPORTATIONS NOW! First one to go should be this Nazi Rohrabacher! Sensenbrenner, Schwartzenegger, Rohrabacher, funny how they all have Germanic names! …..No, it’s not funny at all!

That’s right! We need to get rid of the people who were born in America, so we can make room for more illegal immigrants!

In all seriousness, folks, when you turn a blind eye to people entering this country illegally, you can’t be surprised to see these sort of attitudes on display. When the law is broken with impunity, why should anyone be surprised to see the lawbreakers grow more and more brazen?

Yet, we have representatives in Washington who want to give people like this citizenship in our country despite the fact that there are millions and millions of decent, upstanding people who respect and love this country so much that they’re willing to wait in line to get their chance to come here legally. Why should Mr. “This Is Stolen Land” from Mexico be allowed to stay here in place of Mrs. “God Bless America” from Mexico who has done the right thing and obeyed our laws?

Admittedly, I’m not wild about the idea of a guest worker program. But, if we’re going to do a guest worker program, it should at least by made up of people who respect our laws and view this as a land of opportunity instead of illegals who think, “This is stolen land.”

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